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What You Need To Know

We think everybody can benefit from applying to pitch at PitchBreakfast™. The point is to support each other, ask good questions, supply good feedback and get the buzz going on Wednesday mornings.

We welcome startup companies at most levels to pitch at PitchBreakfast™, from prototype and beta users to companies that are making revenue and already have some funding. However, the format is that of an investor pitch, so you should present your idea along with a business model, even if you are not yet ready for funding. This is NOT a forum to try and sell your product or service to the audience.

What To Include

If you’re struggling with what to include in your pitch, consider including the following 5 elements that our panelists consistently ask about. Feel free to reach out to the team if you need help.

  • What problem are you solving, and who are you solving it for (who is your market)?
  • How does your business work? Where do you find customers, and how do you make money?
  • Who are you (and your team) and why does it matter? What makes you qualified to do this?
  • What is your ask? What do you need to get to the next level? This could be introductions, feedback on your pricing model, co-founders, money to run a marketing campaign, etc.


Apply To Pitch

We look forward to reviewing your application and seeing your pitch!

Apply to Pitch